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GeoSearch Optimisation (GSO) is the strategic approach of configuring an app or website to ensure users find what they're looking for first time, every single time.

It is the art of enhancing geospatial search algorithms to achieve efficiency, accuracy, and speed as users navigate the physical world through digital means.

TravelTime is a key component of Product Managers’ GSO efforts, leading the innovations in time-centric search - rather than traditional distance-based search.

The result? Greater user retention on websites and apps. Higher search conversions. Supercharged search relevancy. And better overall user experience.

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GeoSearch Optimisation
for Residential Property Portals

A comprehensive publication that delves into the rapidly evolving field of geospatial search technology, unravelling its potential and significance for residential property portals in a hyper-connected world

Aimed at both industry professionals, this publication is for those seeking to harness the transformative power of search. The insights will empower you to understand the immense potential and commercial value of GSO, to elevate your property portal and be at the forefront of the next wave of real estate.

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GeoSearch Optimisation for Residential Property Portal

Learn about what GSO is, how it works in property portals, and what this emerging category means for your company.


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State of GeoSearch Optimisation 2023/24


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How to Create a Successful GeoSearch Experience Using TravelTime