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  • tick iconUnlimited travel time data for all modes of transport in over 185 countries
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  • tick icon300% increase in conversions
  • tick iconMore relevant results for users
  • tick iconReduced agent churn with higher quality leads
Ben Amos
"We’re pleased to announce that our travel time tool has achieved an impressive 300% increase in conversions. We believe that because the results are more relevant to the quality of leads we pass to our members is higher."

- Ben Amos, Senior Product Manager at Zoopla

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  • tick icon10% increase in conversions
  • tick icon3-in-4 users adopting commute time search
  • tick iconIntuitive commute time and routing insights
Ben Amos
“TravelTime has enriched our user experience and increased conversions by 10%.”

- Chris Burles, Director of Product Management at The Stepstone Group

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  • tick icon4x faster than Google's API
  • tick iconSaved $$ when switching
Ben Amos
“We now see results returned 4X faster from the TravelTime API than when we were using the Google API, which provides a vastly improved user experience for our customers when they use the product.”

- Jonathan Beckman, Head of Product at Vertis

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  • tick iconProcessed times to 1.2k vaccination centres
  • tick iconMassive data analysis accuracy improvement
Ben Amos
“We were very impressed with the reliability and stability of the API. We could confidently leave scripts running overnight, working their way through thousands of datapoints, with no fear of waking up to find an error message.”

- John Burn-Murdoch, Senior Data-Visualisation Journalist at Financial Times

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