Improve relevancy to maximise paid leads & match tradespeople to the best opportunities

Enhance your trades search, match, and recommendation engine when you enrich your database with billions of travel times.

Tradespeople Directories

Supercharge accuracy

40% of the jobs returned to trades may be ignored because they’re hard to reach. Remove irrelevant results and watch engagement rates soar.

40% more paid leads

Providing best-in-class personalisation and alerting trades to the most relevant opportunities delivers results.

Boost retention 27%

Deliver 100% relevant leads quickly to ensure trades continue to pay for the best leads on your platform.

Turn catchment area data into your portal's
competitive advantage

Search Indexing

Search Indexing

Rank the best results first – proven to be 60% more accurate than abstract straight-line distance.

Filtering jobs

Filtering jobs

Reduce bounce rates by 1/3 when users can personalise results based on maximum drive times.

Job recommendations

Job recommendations

3x paid lead by matching users to the most relevant jobs based on proximity preferences.

Job listing UX

Job listing UX

Increase CTRs by 20% when displaying times alongside every job listing personalised with user’s drive times.



Increase number of paid lead requests by 30% when alerting users of the newest jobs relevant to them.

Job matching algorithms

Job matching algorithms

Enrich your machine learning algorithms with thousands of proximity data points to deliver the perfect result.

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Stephen Sykes

Stephen Sykes

Head of Product at Freska

“Wherever a booking comes in, we now know who can get there, and exactly how long it will take... [they] are spending less time waiting around between jobs, or rushing to jobs that they haven’t been given sufficient time to get to. We now have complete confidence in the scheduling system.”

An API your development
team can get behind

TravelTime makes navigating a life that isn’t linear easy.
Our API is fast, reliable, and won’t slow you down.


travel times
calculated per week


API uptime for
max. reliability

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Transform your trades directory with unlimited commute time calculations

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