Feb 21, 2024 • Blog

What Job Hunters Demand from your Portal: 5 Key Trends for 2024

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What do job hunters want from your portal? It’s time to get ahead.

In the fast-paced world of job searching, staying ahead of user demand is a critical advantage. As 2024 unfolds, the job-hunting landscape is being reshaped by technological progress and shifts in candidate expectations.

Leveraging extensive consumer research, we've pinpointed the essential needs driving today's job seekers.

This move towards more personalised, detailed search criteria heralds a new chapter in the staffing and employment sector.

What Job Hunters Want in 2024

A guide to meeting job hunter demands in the year ahead.

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Key focus areas for job hunters in today's market:

Quality of life

Discover the trend towards prioritising work-life balance for over 40% job seekers, and how you can support this.

Tailored alerts

Understand the importance of tailoring notifications, with 76% of job seekers wanting alerts that match their specific needs.

What recipients find annoying about push notifications

Commute information

Learn why a staggering 95% of job hunters believe that a commute time search would be helpful in their job search, and how you can integrate commute times in your job portal.

95% of job huntets believe in commute time search is useful

Application experience

Explore how a smooth and efficient can set your offerings apart, particularly for the 58% of applicants that use mobile.

Personalised communications

See how to address the 61% of job seekers that describe their job-hunting experience as time-consuming and frustrating through dynamic personalised communications.

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Powering job portals with TravelTime’s commute intelligence

Additionally, we highlight the TravelTime API as a transformative tool for job searches, emphasising commute preferences and lifestyle needs to deliver a more personalised and relevant experience for your users.

Download our comprehensive ebook for a deeper dive into these trends and strategies to align your job portal with the expectations of modern job hunters and secure a competitive edge.

What Job Hunters Want in 2024

A guide to meeting job hunter demands in the year ahead.

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