Make smarter location-based decisions with TravelTime’s transport data, now available in Qlik

    LONDON, UK, Tuesday 14 December 2021 – TravelTime has today announced a new partnership with Differentia Consulting, a business intelligence consultancy specialist. The partnership enables Differentia Consulting access to TravelTime location analytics within Qlik and other tools. For the first time, Differentia Consulting customers will now be able to solve complex location-based problems using TravelTime’s API and plugins.  

    TravelTime functionality allows businesses to use transport data for insightful decision making. For example, it can calculate travel times between thousands of origins and destinations or build maps to visualise where’s reachable within a 1-hour public transport catchment area. These services are perfect for identifying the best locations for new healthcare locations, public sector facilities, new retail stores or areas for property development.   

    The partnership brings together Differentia Consulting’s deep understanding of location-based analytics in data led decision making, with TravelTime’s expertise in multi-modal travel time calculations at speed and volume. 

    Adrian Parker, EVP Strategy & Marketing at Differentia Consulting, said:

    "Using TravelTime to calculate location-based outcomes or decisions alongside BI tools makes perfect sense. As consumers, we value time, not distance. Any decision that includes a brick-and-mortar location should consider accessibility using all forms of transport. TravelTime will enable Smarter BI decisions to be made using Qlik and other tools that Differentia Consulting clients use daily."

    Hannah Stone, Alliance Director at TravelTime commented:

    “Differentia Consulting shares TravelTime’s customer first-vision. Their specialisation around the Qlik technology stack means their customers can use TravelTime within their existing dashboards and visualisations. This makes it easier than ever for businesses to make the right decision when solving complex location-based problems.” 
    TravelTime Qlik

    About Differentia Consulting 

    Differentia Consulting are a Qlik Elite Solution Provider servicing the requirements of over 500 clients. Established in 2002 Differentia Consulting has an ERP heritage that supported the move into the Enterprise Data/Analytics/BI space, with Smarter.BI powered by Qlik.

    About TravelTime

    TravelTime are the creators of an API and set of plugins that enable users to search location data using minutes rather than miles.

    TravelTime Search helps consumer-facing apps and websites deliver the best location-based search experience. It powers searches for Rightmove, Totaljobs and the UK’s NHS.

    TravelTime Analytics helps businesses make smarter location-based business decisions. It’s used by commercial real estate companies like Knight Frank and CBRE to select sites for offices, retail, healthcare or logistics. It’s also used for territory mapping, field routing optimisation, geofencing and advertising.


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