Calculating a journey by distance tells you how far away a point of interest is in miles or kilometers. However, points of interest search tools often assume that you are travelling as the crow flies. In reality, a journey needs to take into account road networks, transport schedules and congestion at certain times of day. This is where a travel time calculator tool can come in handy. A travel time calculator takes all these elements into account. So, no matter the distance, you will get a result that shows you how long it will actually take to reach your desired location. Let’s take a look at some examples.


      Omio calculates train, bus and flight options between cities in Europe.

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      • Enter your start location and your destination
      • Enter your travel date(s)
      • Select your preferred mode of transport
      • Click ‘Search’
      • See your results in list and map view
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      Calculate an A to B route using the TravelTime routing tool. You can calculate the time it takes using different transport modes.

      • Enter your preferred mode of transport
      • Enter date and time of departure 
      • Enter starting point and destination
      • Add a waypoint (optional)
      • Click the departure time 
      • View the results on list and map view

      Unlike other A to B routing tools you can map all the places you can get within a time limit. For example: How far can I travel within 30 minutes by car from my house at 8 am? Try this type of search here

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      Skyscanner is a travel time calculator that allows you to search for flight options from all the different operators.

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      • Click ‘one way’, ‘return’ or ‘multi-city’ option
      • Enter your starting and destination airports
      • Enter your preferred departure and return dates
      • Select the number of passengers
      • Click ‘Search flights’
      • View results in a list view
      • Add further filters, such as fastest route, direct route, preferred airline
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      Citymapper is a transport app that allows users to search for driving, cycling, walking and public transport routes in urban areas. 

      • Enter your starting address or use current location
      • Enter your destination
      • Click the green arrow 
      • View your results in a listview separated by mode of transport
      • See Citymapper’s suggested route based on fastest travel time

      Open Source Routing Machine

      The Open Source Routing Machine (OSRM) is an open-source router designed for use with data from the OpenStreetMap project to calculate drive times.

      • Enter your starting location or address
      • Enter your destination
      • Use the + sign to add an optional waypoint
      • Click ‘enter’ 
      • View the driving route on the map

      Try the TravelTime travel time calculator today


      Using TravelTime it's possible to make bespoke travel time polygons showing where's reachable within a travel time area. To discuss your bespoke project, get in touch.


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