5 beautifully designed ways to show a radius on a map

by Louisa Bainbridge
on Mar 14, 2018

1. Using radius maps to display locations impacted by earthquakes

Creator: Schwanksta using Mapbox


2. Grouping points of interest within a radius on a map

Creator: Framer using Mapbox & OpenStreetMap


3. Displaying which locations have the highest customer density by radius

Creator: CrowdAnalytix using Tableau


4. Exploring local area data within specific mile radius of a point of interest

Creator: MuseumStat using Carto and OpenStreetMap


5. Comparing where's reachable using a distance radius map and a travel time area map

Creator: TravelTime using Mapbox, Leaflet & the TravelTime API  


For more travel time maps check out our guide to radius map.



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