How to View and Download a Postcode Area or District Map for Your Business

Sep 24, 2021

A postcode is made up of an area, district, sector and unit code. The area code is the first two letters of the postcode. It indicates the city or region of the location. The sector code is the third section of the postcode. It is a number that indicates what street the property is on. Let's look at some tools that can help you create a postcode area map or postcode sector map. Both can be helpful for business planning or improving marketing strategies.

Postcode area map

You can view a UK postcode area map by visiting FreeMapTools


The polygon shapes on the postcode area map show the boundaries of the postcode area.




You can also view the map by satellite.


Or add more locations.


And view the postcode area in relation to your location.


To download a map you can use a provider such as GB maps. GB maps allow you to download a postcode area map of the UK.


This map can then be edited with the appropriate software, such as Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator. You might edit a postcode area map to assist with business planning, for example.

Postcode sector map

After viewing a UK postcode area map using FreeMapTools, users can then layer the postcode area map to show sector boundaries.


The example below shows all the sector boundaries in London for the postcode areas starting with ‘N’. Each polygon shape is filled with a contrasting colour to indicate the sector boundary.


Users can also view the postcode boundaries in relation to their current location.


You can see an OSM or satellite view.

Users can also layer the map with location names. 

You might view a postcode sector map to assist with your marketing strategy, for example.

Travel time analysis

You may wish to display a unique postcode shape on a map. This requires additional analysis. The example below shows target postcode zones based on how quickly they can reach the starting location. Areas are shaded dark pink to show a short travel time to the origin, whereas the paler pink zones are harder to reach. To make your own travel time postcode area maps, get in touch.



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