We’ve added two new features to the TravelTime QGIS plugin to make your location analysis easier and more efficient.

      Check out our overview of the new features below:

      1. Throttle: Manage your API overflow 

      With the new throttle feature, you can better manage your API overflow. Each API key has a quota of queries that can be done. Previously, without the throttle, if you hit your quota, this would cause error messages to be shown with no output. 

      Now, by enabling the throttle to your designated plans call per minute allowance, you can complete your analysis without any error messages, as the throttle will only allow that set amount of queries to go through. Note: this will not slow down the speed of the query unless the throttle is initiated. 

      TravelTime QGIS plugin_screenshot
      The new throttle feature allows you to manage your API overflow

      To enable the throttle, download the TravelTime Platform Plugin v1.5.0. 

      From here, click the TravelTime Platform configuration button where you will see the ‘Throttle API calls to’ checkbox. If you choose to enable this, it will then give you the option to throttle the number of calls per minute.

      See the video below for a full walkthrough:

      2. Fields to Keep: Identify where you are running location analysis more easily 

      The second update is our new Fields to Keep function, which has been added to the simplified tools of Time Map. Previously only available in the Advanced Tools Time Map, the Fields to Keep Function allows you to set which fields should be joined back in the output layer.

      This will help users who configure fewer parameters by using the simplified tools, but who also want the benefit of being able to track which isochrone matches to which location. This will be particularly useful for those layering other data with the isochrone outputs, such as population data, as it will more easily be identified in the attribute table. 

      What’s next

      At TravelTime, we continuously strive to improve the experience of our plugins so that you can enhance your location analysis. You can use the TravelTime QGIS plugin to:

      • Create isochrones (travel time maps)
      • Calculate travel times between 1000's of origins & destinations
      • Filter points of interest within a travel time area

      To learn more about what you can to with the TravelTime QGIS plugin, check out our documentation or get a free API key.


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