Map Circle Distance or Map Drive Time Distance

by Niharika Sisodia
on Oct 23, 2018

A radius map allows you to map circle distance by drawing a straight line from a starting point and using this straight line to draw a circle. The radius map below was made using the TravelTime radius map tool. It shows a 10-mile radius from the centre of Basingstoke, England.



The ability to map circle distance allows you to see locations that are reachable within 10 miles of Basingstoke. However, what you are not shown is how long it will take to reach those locations.

Radius maps assume that the user is travelling as the crow flies. But journey times can be affected by multiple factors. These can include:

  • Transport networks
  • Mode of transport
  • Time of day

The TravelTime radius map tool allows you to search by travel time, as well as map circle distance.

The below map shows where is reachable from Basingstoke by public transport within 60 minutes.


You can see from the map that 89% of the radius map is not reachable within 60 minutes by public transport. This means that most of the places on the map cannot be reached, despite being within 10 miles.

There are are also locations that are further away, but which can be reached within 60 minutes. For example, Fleet, Farnborough and Winchester fall outside the radius but are reachable. This is likely due to the fast train network that runs through Basingstoke.

Drive time

When we compare the radius map to driving time, the shape changes again. The map below uses the TravelTime to show where is reachable within 15 minutes driving from Basingstoke at 8am.


Changing the time of day changes where can be reached, as on average there is less traffic. For example, the map below shows where is reachable at 12:00.


From the map, you can see that Daneshill is not reachable within 15 minutes when departing at 8am, but is reachable when departing at midday. The same is true of Ramsdell and East Oakley.

Searching by travel time, instead of radius distance increases the relevancy of results. You can make your own travel time map using driving, cycling, walking and public transport.


To map circle distance and compare to travel time use the TravelTime radius map tool. To create your own travel time map visit the TravelTime.




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