How to Build a Job App Site Search that Helps Candidates Commute Less

Sep 24, 2021

Job seekers can now search for their perfect job using commute time rather than mileage. The beta Commute Less app from Jobsite, powered by the TravelTime API, delivers locally relevant job results. The job app lists the travel times for each role, job hunters can select and apply to jobs that fit their lifestyle.


If you’re on the hunt for a job, you’ll no longer need to use another app or website to check the journey time before applying. It’s a real time saver – for search time and your future commute!

The job app site search, which is still in beta stage, calculates commute times based on the travel time from the front door to the office. To ensure timings are as accurate as possible, it calculates the commute assuming that searchers like to get into work on time for 8.45am. The app knows that it’s a lot busier around that time and calculates journey time from A to B with rush hour congestion in mind.

With the average UK commute climbing year-on-year, it’s time to take charge of your work-life balance by finding suitable roles by minutes, not miles.

App features

  • Choose the mode of transport: walking, cycling, driving or public transport
  • Adjust the travel time slider: select the maximum commute time
  • Travel time calculations: every result listed shows the journey time in minutes
  • Interactive map: visualise listings on a map, all of which fall within the desired commute time

What the users say

"Love the fact you can find any jobs in your local area within cycling / driving or walking distance ! Brilliant idea" 

"Brilliant app - great idea! Really clear to use and makes sure I don't go over the commute time I ideally want!"  


Calculate thousands of travel times with the TravelTime API

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