5 Ways to Increase the Conversion Rate on Dating Sites

Sep 24, 2021

Last night we became the first ever winners of the Global Dating Insights’ (GDI) Spotlight on Startups competition. To celebrate we’ve listed our top 5 ways we’re innovating the dating sector.

Sorting potential partners by travel time

Most dating sites identify relevant matches using the user’s dating preferences filtered by location. Typically this means that apps and websites draw a circle round the user’s location, and select all the relevant matches within this area. The problem here is that real people can’t travel in straight lines. To maximise the chances of users finding their perfect partner TravelTime can eliminate all the people that seem nearby but are actually tricky to get to, whilst opening up new opportunities for people that live on fast transport routes. It has had success in other industries including a conversion rate increase by 300%. 


Finding the perfect date location

Picking the first date location can be tricky, but with TravelTime it’s easy to see which area would be the best to meet based on journey times. When added to points of interest data it’s easy to pick a meet up point that’s easy to reach for both.


Increasing relevancy, increasing conversions

Whilst TravelTime is new to the dating sector, we’re tried and tested in other industries. Jobsite found that switching their candidate search tool from miles to minutes increases search result relevancy by 60%. What happens when results are more relevant? More people convert. This was proven when both property portal sites Zoopla and Countrywide reported a 300% uplift in conversions when swapping miles for minutes.


Adding the human element to search

Not only are the results more relevant, but they’re more relatable. Knowing Dan lives only a 10 minute drive away is a lot more compelling than a 4.8 mile straight line distance. We can also provide turn by turn routing to the user to their date location.

Earning affiliate revenue

When matches are able to identify the perfect location for a date, they’re more likely to visit the location. Capitalise on this action by adding a booking feature the site to earn affiliate revenues for directing traffic to local venues.


We don't just focus on dating site conversion rates. If you're interested in learning more about getting the most out of your site search engine download our e-book below. You can also check out our blogs about traditional tools to increase conversion rate as well as new innovations that will help reach your conversion targets. 


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