How to Make a Kilometre Radius Map

by Niharika Sisodia
on Jul 5, 2018

How do I draw a kilometer radius on a map?

Whether you are a data analyst, developer, or just use maps in everyday life, searching maps by kilometer radius can be useful. No matter what level of expertise you have, there are tools to help you draw a km radius on a map quickly and easily.

Simple km radius without coding

Used by: Everyone

Example using: TravelTime

We have our own radius map tool for drawing a kilometer radius. The TravelTime radius map tool allows you to draw a circle from a central point. The example below shows where you can reach within a 10km radius of the Empire State Building.


You can then compare the kilometer radius map to travel time by different modes of transport


Public Transportkilometer-radius-map

Km radius data visualisation

Used by: Data analysts

Example using: Tableau

Tableau provides business intelligence software that helps you see and understand your data. Whilst it can store all types of data it is a great tool for simple visual analytics. To help you analyse data in a map, Tableau has created their own Radial tool. This tool allows you to measure approximate distances in your map view to get a better understanding of how your data relates to its surroundings.


Code a map with a kilometer radius

Used by: Developers

Example using: leaflet

You can also code radius distance maps, which allows you to integrate maps into your products and services. A radius distance map can be useful for data analysis and can enhance the user experience.  For more on radius maps, take a look at our resource page. Take a look at the full code tutorial to place a radial on a map.




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