How to Make a Commute Time Map

by Louisa Bainbridge
on Mar 22, 2017

Ever wondered where's reachable within 30 minutes travel time from your office or home? It's now possible to make your own free map by drawing a travel time search area. The example below shows where's reachable within a 30 minute drive at peak time from Newcastle city centre. It was made using the TravelTime Maps tool - try it now using the link below. 





Doing your first commute time map search

  • Enter a location you’d like to start searching from. Press the geolocation button to begin using your current location or enter an address or postcode. If your location isn’t listed in supported countries, it will suggest alternative locations. 

  • Enter the maximum travel time you’d like to reach. This is the time-based equivalent of ‘within 5 miles radius’.

  • Select a mode of transport from public transport, driving, walking or cycling.
  • Press Go: the next page shows a shape of all locations reachable within minutes of your entered location.

Find reachable points of interest

Find points of interest reachable within this journey time using the Foursquare API using the left hand search bar. You can enter a keyword such as ‘books’ for book stores, or select one of the suggestions from our list. 








Organising search results

The results are displayed quickest travel time to longest. Click the drop down box to sort by the location name or to reverse to longest to shortest time.











Calculate the route to a point of interest

Click on your chosen location in the list or the number on the map to expand and click the route button.  Go back to search results from routing menu by pressing x on the routing window. 


Editing your commute time shape

If you want to change the existing shape, edit the location, transport mode, max journey time and the departure time using the search bar. Clicking the ‘Now’ button lets you change the date and time of the search. Switch from ‘Depart’ to ‘Arrive to see all possible locations you can start from to reach your point of origin.


Adding new travel time shapes

This tool lets you see multiple shapes on the same map. This is useful if you want to identify points of interest and locations suitable for more than one origin e.g. which cinema is reachable in 30 minutes for two friends meeting up. Begin by pressing the add shape button. You can use your mouse to click a location on the map, or enter details into the new search bar.


You’ll notice that the points of interest on the left will change to include some points only reachable by the new shape, whilst some will remain only reachable by the old one. You may be able to see points that are reachable by both here. To filter points that are only reachable by both shapes, click the filter intersection button. It’s possible to add up to 3 shapes on the map, so repeat this process for the third time if required.


Calculate a route to any location

To calculate a route you must show reachable points of interest (link to subheader on this). From here you can click the routing icon. Enter a departure and arrival address to get the route. Close this view and return to points of interest using the X button.

Add this tool to a website

The TravelTime Maps tool was built to showcase the functionality of the TravelTime API. If you like the tool and would like to add this kind of search to your website, please get in touch or get started with our developer map maker tutorial.  


Learn more about office relocation or employee commute time analysis.



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