Finding the Right Geofencing Marketing Platform

Evelina Bezubec


    What is a geofencing marketing platform?

    Geofencing uses GPS technology to create a virtual geographic boundary around a location, such as a retail store. A geofencing marketing platform employs a geofence to know when a potential customer is nearby. If a customer crosses the geofence boundary, this can trigger the geofencing marketing platform to send them a push notification offering particular deals. Using a geofencing marketing platform can increase footfall to your store and foster loyalty from existing customers. But which geofencing software is right for you?


    Radar is the location context platform. You can use Radar to add location context to your apps, including geofencing.


    Radar contextual marketing messages


    • Create contextual marketing messages, based on user information 
    • Know when a user has entered and exited your geofence
    • Use stop detection to know when a user is stopping in the area as opposed to passing through in a vehicle
    • Compatible with iOS, Android
    • Integrated with Facebook Places, so a business can tell when a user visits a place, chain, or category


    • Free for up to 10,000 monthly tracked users and up to 1,000 geofences
    • Custom pricing for a custom monthly tracked user and geofence volume

    Urban Airship

    Urban Airship provides a service called Location Triggers. Location Triggers allows a business to send real-time automated messages to their customers as they enter or exit a specific geographical location.


    Urban Airship targeted marketing


    • Real-time automation triggers
    • Push notifications sent when a device enters a specific geographical location
    • Records location events and stores for audience targeting
    • Compatible with iOS, Android and Amazon (including their email service)


    • Free for up to 1000 addressable users
    • $99 for up to 10,000 addressable users is a developer platform offering geofencing for indoor or outdoor spaces.


    Location based advertising from


    • Unlimited amount of geofences
    • Ability to edit the geofences on-the-move
    • Ability to send customised messages based on user behaviour and preferences
    • Fully tailorable content
    • Free segmentation


    • Free 30 day trial 
    • €249 per month for 100 geofences
    • €449 per month for unlimited geofences

    PathSense SDK

    PathSense is a startup that supports developers to build location-enabled apps by improving the iOS and Android location technology. PathSense has designed an Android SDK that developers can use for free.


    Pathsense geofencing marketing platform for Android


    • Works in all regions
    • Supports thousands of geofences
    • Compatible with Android 9 (Gingerbread) and above
    • Requires wifi in order to work



    Create a geofence using a travel time radius


    Using the TravelTime it's possible to create geofences using drive times, public transport, cycling and more. For example 'all locations within 15 minutes drive from my store'. Get in touch below to find out more.


    Location-based marketing

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