I am Charlie, CEO and co-founder of TravelTime. Our focus on COVID-19 is ‘what can we do to help’. We think, right now, there are 3 things:

    1. Provide free data and services to governments, charities, health services and NGOs
    2. Cover the cost of mapping for other startups
    3. Help our communities
    Free data 

    Any government, charity, health service or NGO that is actively helping to solve the crisis can get unlimited free access to our data to help them plan their responses. This could be:

    • Arranging visits to vulnerable patients
    • Mapping the right locations for testing centres
    • Communicating to the public which test centres are right for them

    There is no time limit on this, there is no contract, there is no assumption for future use. We want to repurpose our data and services to help. You can access our data right now inside:

    • Alteryx
    • QGIS
    • ArcGIS Pro

    To get started fill in this short form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours (and probably much sooner). We encourage anyone to share this form with any organisation that needs this service.

    Cover the cost of startup map services

    Are you are paying bills for map tiles or geocoding? In uncertain times like these, it’s vital for a business to control their costs - so if you’re a startup like us we’d like to offer 12 months of:

    • Geocoding & map tiles; we'll cut your previous bill by 75%
    • If things are really tight, we may be able to do it for free – talk to us
    Encourage team members to help in their communities

    Our team members are contributing their time and expertise to make a difference within their communities or remotely helping with hackathons. If you would like us to help/mentor a hackathon you are running, then get in touch.

    Our company update

    We are a remote-first company, and keeping our services always up & live is central to our business. Although the current situation is disrupting our personal lives, our technology remains as solid and stable as always and so it is business as (un)usual for us. We have proved over the years that the stability of our platform can cope with situations even such as these.

    I would like to thank my team for their ability to adjust at lightning speed. At TravelTime we always focus on ‘what can we do’. To control the things we can, and try to accept the things we cannot. I know from experience that if you just store up the negative it's acidic and not good for anyone’s mental health.

    Why the TravelTime team is doing this

    Well, we’ve already had some people ask for our support - and I just want other companies to survive along with us so we can all compete in an equal market. Lots of people have helped us along our way, now it's our turn to try and do the same for others.

    Our physical doors may be closed, but we are open for business and open to help in any way we can. Please share this message so it can reach those who may be able to benefit from it. If you want to join us in an offering, get in touch as soon as possible.

    I wish you all the best for you, your families and your businesses at this worrying time. Not always one for quotes, but ‘If You're Going Through Hell, Keep Going’ Winston Churchill.

    Keep safe


    Charlie Davies



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