Calculate Journey Cost API Using Your Website's Search Tool

by Louisa Bainbridge
on Jan 23, 2017

Selecting the best location-based search result can often be a time-consuming experience, especially when you’re planning to move house or job. Customers need to figure out where’s easiest to access whilst keeping a check on transport costs – even when fares rise. That’s where our new Journey Cost Calculator comes in.

Calculating journey costs with the TravelTime API


When using the TravelTime, a time-based location search API, you can calculate journey cost to further aid customer decision-making. The Journey Cost API Calculator enables users to understand the seasonal ticket cost of their selected journey for national rail and TFL services. Fares are shown at weekly, monthly and yearly price points based on the cheapest standard adult fare available, alongside the fastest route available. So users can figure out the best route, and how much it’ll cost, in one fell swoop.


Refining the property hunt


For movers, the daily commute cost can play a major role in deciding whether a home would be right for them. If they’re moving to a new area for a job, but don’t have a specific location in mind, Journey Cost Calculator can help make the true costs more transparent, and help them find a location that offers a convenient commute time, at a price that suits both their salary and lifestyle.

It works just as well for those thinking of escaping the city to the suburbs, so before they’ve even started a house hunt, they can check out which areas they’d like to live in, and see how much their commute would cost.

The right tool for the job 

Journey Cost API Calculator can also be instrumental in the decision process for both job hunters and the recruiters who contact then. Job hunters can see if the commute to a job they’re interest in is actually viable based on the salary. On the flipside, recruiters can get better leads by filtering out candidates who have overly expensive and lengthy commutes, while including those whose commutes are shorter and more financially manageable – after all, they’re the ones much more likely to take the job.

It also has the capability to help businesses that are thinking of relocating, allowing them a way of seeing what the implications of a move would be on their employees – potentially allowing them to find a more centralised location to ensure everyone has a fair commute.

 Journey Cost API Calculator currently covers all National Rail services, as well as TFL’s transport networks, but we’re working on expanding nationwide in the near future. Learn more here.


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