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      TravelTime has released a new app for ArcGIS Pro, providing full easy access to the API straight from Esri’s desktop application. No coding, no complex setup or configuration, just powerful travel time analytics directly in the world’s most popular desktop GIS.

      Users can get setup in minutes with a free API key for testing. Get your API key here

      The app provides access to the core functionalities of the TravelTime API, covering:

      • Time Map – produce ‘isochrones’, i.e reachable areas by travel time
      • Time Filter – calculate 1,000s of travel times at once, and divide location data into reachable and unreachable sets based on travel time
      • Routes – generate A to B routes, including turn-by-turn directions

      Functionality Overview

      Each of the three core functionalities can be used in four distinct ways:

      • Quick tools – the simplest option, allowing the tools to be run from the toolbar, based on map clicks or addresses entered manually
      • Simple tools – these run off existing layers as the input, but with only the key parameters being configurable
      • Advanced tools – like the Simple tools, these run off existing layers as the input, but with full configurability of all parameters
      • Batch – allows both the Simple and Advanced tools to be run with multiple configurations
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      Tools Overview

      Time Map (isochrones)

      The Time Map (isochrones) tool can be used to create travel time polygons showing areas that are reachable within a chosen travel time, by any method of transport.


      This tool can generate multiple standalone isochrones, unions of multiple isochrones, and intersections straight out of the box. The potential use cases are wide-ranging, particularly when combined with additional data sets such as population data.

      Business decisions that can be better informed using this tool include:

      • Opening a new retail store based on the best customer catchment area
      • Defining sales territories based on where sales reps can actually get to in time
      • Deciding where to develop new public transport infrastructure based on current black spots with limited coverage

      Full documentation for the Time Map API endpoint can be found here

      Time Filter (travel time & distance matrix)

      The Time Filter tool can be used to filter location data points into 'reachable' and 'unreachable' groups based on travel time, while also returning exact travel times and distances for 1000s of journeys in one go.


      This tool can be used to easily segment data based on travel time – for example, which customers are within a 45 minute drive from a retail store, or which employees can get to the office in 1 hour or less by public transport. The results can either be viewed visually on the map, or as tabular data in the Attribute Table.

      Business decisions that can be better informed using this tool include:

      • Selecting a new office location based on minimizing commute times for employees
      • Segmenting customers for targeted marketing based on access and journey time
      • Defining SLA response time bandings for clients based on journey times from supplier sites

      Full documentation for the Time Filter API endpoint can be found here


      The Routes tool can be used to generate A to B routes with turn-by-turn directions, as well as summarized data including travel time and distance.


      This tool is perfect for quickly calculating the best route between two locations, as well as displaying it visually on a map. The ability to produce turn-by-turn directions, by any method of transport, makes it immensely versatile.

      Business decisions that can be better informed using this tool include:

      • Identifying potential transport bottlenecks by visualising 1,000’s of routes at the same time
      • Producing turn-by-turn directions for all employees or clients to a central location
      • Comparing travel times and routes for all possible modes of transport

      Full documentation for the Routes API endpoint can be found here.

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