Minimise absenteeism and lateness with smarter search & match

Enhance worker reliability when you enrich your search, match and recommendation engines with billions of commute times.

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Fill 99% shifts

Providing best-in-class personalisation and ranking the most relevant roles at the top of the page delivers results.

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Cut lateness by 15%

40% of listings returned to users are hard to reach. Remove irrelevant results to improve worker reliability.

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Employer retention

Deliver 100% relevant candidates quickly to guarantee employer satisfaction and loyalty.

Turn commute data into your portal's
competitive advantage

Search indexing

Search indexing

Rank the best results first – proven to be 60% more accurate than abstract straight-line distance.

Fill cancelled shifts fast

Fill cancelled shifts fast

Maximise revenues by identifying and alerting the most relevant nearby candidates to new last-minute shifts.

Job matching algorithms

Job matching algorithms

Enrich your machine learning algorithms with thousands of proximity data points to deliver the perfect result.

Job recommendations

Job recommendations

3x application rates by matching users to the most relevant jobs based on commute preferences.

Candidate recommendations

Candidate recommendations

Smarter recommendations maximise employer satisfaction and retention - cut time needed to fill a role.

Filtering roles

Filtering roles

Reduce bounce rates by 1/3 when users can personalise results based on commute preferences.

Job listing UX

Job listing UX

Increase CTRs by 20% when displaying times alongside every listing personalised with user’s preferences.

Set shift reminders

Set shift reminders

Minimise absenteeism and lateness by 15% when you send notifications for when users should set off for a shift.

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  • tick iconReduced poor matches by 18%
  • tick iconIncreased quality connection rate by 12%
  • tick iconReduced late withdrawals by 3x
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Grisha Ghukasyan

Grisha Ghukasyan

VP of Engineering at Brigad

“Until we started working with TravelTime, all we showed was kilometres and straight-line distance, and it was making people leave the app.”

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