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Ways to use the API

Time map Time map
Time Map
Draw a travel time map. Select a mode of transport, maximum travel time and more.
Time map Time map
Time Filter
List the travel times to thousands of points of interest using a single API request.
Time map Time map
Returns routing information between an origin and destination.
What is a search?
It counts as 1 search if you instruct the API to:
  • Make a single isochrone with 1 departure or arrival time & 1 transport mode (Time Map endpoint)
  • Create a single travel time list with 1 origin & 2,000 destinations & 1 transport mode (Time Filter endpoint)
  • Create a single travel time list with 1 origin & 100,000 destinations (Time Filter fast endpoint)
  • Describe a single A to B route (Routes endpoint)
  • Calculate all postcodes that land within a travel time catchment area (Time Filter Postcodes, Districts, Sectors endpoints)
Are geocoding & map tile requests free?
Yes - these services are free and don't count towards your search limit.
Is it possible to include more than 1 search within 1 API request?
Each API request can handle 10 arrival searches and 10 departure searches. Your account will still be charged 20 searches.
What are the SLAs?
SLAs start from 99% and increase based on the contract selected.
What if we need a higher SLA or volume of searches per month?
We have an Enterprise package - get in touch with us to discuss.
What support is available for my plan?
We guarantee to respond to any support searches on the Standard and Standard plus plans within 24 hours on business working days. The Standard plan response time is 12 hours. Enterprise plans include dedicated slack channels with 9 hour maximum response times.
How many URLs can I spread my searches across?
On the Standard and Standard Plus plans only 1 URL can use the searches. For the Enterprise plans 2 URLs can be used. URL volume is negotiable on Enterprise plans.
What happens if we go over the monthly search limit?
We have soft limits on contracts and we guarantee we will not cut off your plan that month. If it occurs regularly you will be asked to move to the next tier.