TravelTime Multi-Modal Routing API

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multi-modal routing

Ways our customers use routing

Multi-modal route information

Get detailed routing instructions for multi-modal routes. Combine modes such as cycling and public transport.

Filter a point within a polygon

Determine whether a location falls within a catchment area polygon. Use this data to define sales territories, healthcare catchment areas and more.

Travelling salesman

Identify the optimal route for multiple people making multiple stops. Great for food delivery services, fleet logistics and last mile routing.

Find an easy to reach a central location from many points

Identify which location would be a great location for a meeting. Or on a bigger scale – where to place an office or retail location.

TravelTime enriches our user experience, increasing conversions by 10%.

Christophe De Rassenfosse

Chief Product Officer, StepStone

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Calculate millions of travel times & distances in one API request

Choose the best endpoint for your use case

Time Filter

Up to 2.5 million travel times per minute.

Time Filter Fast

Up to 25 million travel times per minute.

Time Filter Protobuf

Up to 50 million travel times per minute.

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Multi modal transport data available in 85+ countries

We can instantly calculate thousands of travel times for public transport, driving, walking, cycling or any combination of modes, instead of defaulting to straight line distances. Our high performance API puts the power of mobility behind everything you do.

Single modes




Public transport







Combination modes

All public transport modes

Driving & train

Cycling & public transport

Cycling & ferry

Driving & ferry

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