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Build travel time catchment areas using Python, Javascript, R and more

Why choose TravelTime?


Eliminate any unreachable areas within the main shape using holes and see additional island shapes.


Specify the level of detail you'd like with your isochrone shapes for super accurate analysis.


Process many isochrones within milliseconds - that means no long waits to visualise results.

Data privacy

Your location data is precious - we won't store any of your data after your request is made

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Ways to use TravelTime

Filter points in a polygon
Calculate travel times to points within the polygon
Intersecting isochrones
Merging isochrones
Filter your own postcodes / zipcode data sets
Filter your existing population data sets
Build a heat map

Integrating the TravelTime API was simple and we received excellent onboarding and support from the team

Francisco Ortega

Director IT Development, Stepstone

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Resources for Developers

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Transit Data Model
Distance Matrix API Tutorial
Driving Data Model
Dev Playground
Driving Data Model
Transit Data Model
Distance Matrix API Tutorial

Frequently asked questions

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Where does your data come from?

We have a dedicated data team whose job it is to source complete, accurate, up-to-date public transport timetable and driving data.

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Do you get your data from other routing APIs?

No, all of our travel times are calculated using our own models. Our proprietary algorithms predict and calculate driving, walking and cycling times.

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Do your return any other data?

Yes - we calculate true distance rather than straight line ‘as the crow flies’ distance. We also return public transport fare data in the UK.

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How much does geocoding & map tiles cost?

Map tiles and geocoding requests are completely free when you sign up for a paid plan.

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