Pricing built to suit your needs

TravelTime Search

For consumer-facing websites and apps

Matrix API Mobile
  • Hotel search website
  • Real estate app
  • Retail store finder
  • Job portal
With the TravelTime Distance Matrix:
  • Process large volumes of simultaneous requests from multiple users
  • Provide lightning-fast response times
Matrix API

TravelTime Search Licence

One search calculates travel times from 1 origin to 100,000 destinations



< 100k searches per month


£600 / month

100,000 searches per month

Standard Plus

£1,000 / month

200,000 searches per month



Unlimited searches per month

TravelTime Analytics

For location data analysis

  • GIS analytics
  • Transport analysis
  • Urban planning
  • Site selection analysis
With the TravelTime Distance Matrix:
  • Process large volumes of matrices in seconds
  • Use within ArcGIS, QGIS or Alteryx
Matrix API Mobile

TravelTime Analytics Licence

£250 / month

annual contract

Number of searches per minute


Maximum matrix per minute

Distance Matrix (Time Filter)

300 x 2,000 (requires 15-30 API requests)

Figures for Distance Matrix (Time Filter Fast)

300 x 100,000 (requires 15-30 API requests)

Number of requests per month

3 million

What is the Distance Matrix (Time Filter Fast)?
The Distance Matrix (Time Filter Fast) is a faster version of our Distance Matrix API. The parameters are more limited to enhance performance and enable it to return a larger volume of travel times in 1 request. Currently it is only available in the UK & Ireland.
For TravelTime Search, what is the maximum number of matrices I can create per request?
All plans are limited to a maximum of 10 arrival searches and 10 departure searches per API request.
Per Distance Matrix request you can do:
  • 10 arrival origins x 2,000 destinations + 10 departure origins x 2,000 destinations
Per Distance Matrix (Time Filter Fast) request you can do:
  • 10 arrival origins x 100,000 destinations + 10 departure origins x 100,000 destinations
Note: Your per minute limit will affect the number of matrices you can create per request. For example, if you have 5 requests per limit, you will only be able to do:
  • 5 arrival origins x 2,000 destinations or 5 departure origins x 100,000 destinations.
For TravelTime Search, what is the maximum number of requests I can create per minute?
You can make as many requests per minute as your plan allows.
Do you offer a free trial?
Yes we offer a free 2-week trial so you can use our Distance Matrix API with TravelTime Search or TravelTime Analytics. Your free trial is capped at 10 searches a day.
Do I need to pay to access your TravelTime Analytics plugins?
It’s free to use the plugin itself; you only need to pay for a TravelTime Analytics licence.
Can I use the free geocoder to create coordinates?
Yes, we have a free geocoder that can translate place names into coordinates before creating a matrix. Your use of the geocoder doesn’t count towards your search limit.
Do you offer pay as you go?
No - we offer a fixed monthly price and a set volume of requests.
However, we understand that usage can vary widely when you’re first building an app. For this reason, we can arrange an introductory rate or an extended paid trial if necessary. Contact us to discuss your needs.
What happens if I go over the monthly search limit?
If you go over your monthly search limit, we guarantee that we won’t cut off your plan that month. However, if this happens regularly, we’ll ask you to move to the next tier.