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Return thousands of travel times faster than any other distance matrix API

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Pay one fixed cost, get unlimited usage. Fair and predictable!

Fully multimodal transport

Choose between driving, walking, cycling, public transport or mixed modes

Distance matrix API use cases

Improve accuracy of site search engines

Instead of displaying straight line distance to all search results, show drive times, walk times and public transport times.

Find an easy to reach a central location from many points

Identify which location would be a great location for a meeting. Or on a bigger scale – where to place an office or retail location.

Filter a point within a polygon

Determine whether a location falls within a catchment area polygon. Use this data to define sales territories, healthcare catchment areas and more.

Travelling salesman

Identify the optimal route for multiple people making multiple stops. Great for food delivery services, fleet logistics and last mile routing.

High performance, large volumes, great value

Fast one to many computations
Get distances from one to many points

Calculate many times and distances quickly. We can calculate up to 100,000 travel times in under 100 milliseconds.

Calculate distances from many to many coordinates

Great for big data analysis or solving the travelling salesman problem.

Customisable journeys
Customise your route

Calculate travel times for multi-modal routes or adjust route walk times, parking times, transit boarding times and more.

Flexible limits
High API limits

Choose how many distances you need to calculate with a single request. Up to 50 million elements in one minute.

Data privacy focused
Stop sharing user data with Google

Google's T&Cs explain that they store every request you make. We believe your location data should be private, and will never store your data.

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Distance Matrix API Limits Built For Volume

Choose the best endpoint for your use case

Time Filter

Up to 120,000 elements per minute.

Time Filter Fast

Up to 6 million elements per minute.

Time Filter Protobuf

Up to 12 million elements per minute.

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How we compare to alternative distance matrix APIs?

What sets TravelTime's Matrix API apart from Google, Mapbox, HERE, Graph Hopper and others?

When to go with us

We're built for volume. Looking to do lots of 'one to many' matrices e.g. 1x100 or 1x100,000? We're significantly cheaper than alternatives & offer faster computations.

When to go with them

If you're looking to do small volumes of small matrices e.g. 3x3. If cost, performance or data privacy isn't a major priority, you're better off using alternatives.

Resources for Developers

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Transit Data Model
Distance Matrix API Tutorial
Driving Data Model
Dev Playground
Driving Data Model
Transit Data Model
Distance Matrix API Tutorial

Frequently asked questions

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Where does your data come from?

We have a dedicated data team whose job it is to source complete, accurate, up-to-date public transport timetable and driving data.

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Do you get your data from other routing APIs?

No, all of our travel times are calculated using our own models. Our proprietary algorithms predict and calculate driving, walking and cycling times.

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Do your return any other data?

Yes - we calculate true distance rather than straight line ‘as the crow flies’ distance. We also return public transport fare data in the UK.

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How much does geocoding & map tiles cost?

Map tiles and geocoding requests are completely free when you sign up for a paid plan.

Integrating the TravelTime API was simple and we received excellent onboarding and support from the team

Francisco Ortega

Director IT Development, Stepstone

Trusted by large enterprises, developers & data analysts

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