Convert more searchers with TravelTime

Displaying travel time information on every location search result is proven to increase conversions by at least 10%

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What is TravelTime Enterprise?

A service for any app that provides a site search for location-based content. This includes property websites, job portals, hotel and accomodation aggregators, restaurant listing pages & more.
TravelTime filters out which points of interest fall within ‘X minutes’ of the app user’s location and calculates the journey time to 100,000 locations in under 145 milliseconds.
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Search filters

Filter by maximum travel time, transport mode & time of day


Ranking algorithm

Rank results to show the most relevant points at the top


Free supporting services

We provide map tiles or geocoding free of charge

Why switch from distance to time-based search?

  • Better user experience
  • Lower bounce rates
  • Higher avg. time on page
  • Increased CTRs
  • More conversions
Convert-more-searchers-with-travel-time Convert-more-searchers-with-travel-time

How do we calculate travel times?

We have built our own models for calculating times and we do not use other routing provider data. Instead, our dedicated data team collects and processes data for road networks, footpaths, cyclepaths, public transport timetables, road speeds and driving congestion.
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Built for apps with large volumes of data

There is no other routing provider that can match us on performance
100,000 travel times
Calculated in an API request
145 milliseconds
API Response time
99.9% Uptime
Always reliable

Our data privacy promise

Every time we process an API request we temporarily store anonymised geocoordinates. These logs are held in our system for API monitoring and debugging purposes before being permanently deleted. It is 100% GDPR compliant.
We will never use this to gather data on your users - all of our data collection is purely used to improve API performance.
Convert-more-searchers-with-travel-time Convert-more-searchers-with-travel-time


Available in Europe, North America, Australia & more
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