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Maptive Saves Cost, Drives Revenue and Retains More Customers with TravelTime

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of B2B SaaS offerings, location intelligence stands out as a critical component for businesses striving to gain a competitive edge.

It revolutionises decision-making, offering accurate location insights and a clearer understanding of your customers and market, fuelling efficiency gains, agility, and better targeted strategies for success.

Established over a decade ago, Maptive is a leader in B2B SaaS mapping software.

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Saves on API and developer costs

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Reduce exit rates

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New customer acquisition opps

Maptive delivers a comprehensive mapping solution that meets the needs of businesses wanting a straightforward user-friendly tool to create powerful and intuitive maps, without the overhead of custom development.

The company empowers users with a range of applications, from data visualisations to sales territory mapping, route optimisation, heat mapping, and more.

Now, with TravelTime, Maptive enhances platform capabilities with the inclusion of accurate multi-modal journey time data.

“The Travel Time API provided the right mix of flexibility, features, capabilities, and pricing for our needs. All in all, it came out as the vastly superior solution.”
Totaljobs portal using TravelTime API to display commute times.

Brad Crisp

CEO @ Maptive

As a result, Maptive has reduced development costs, are winning more customers, and retaining existing customers through the powerful user experience.

Before – using the Google Maps API and in-house isochrone building:

Maptive using the Google Maps API and in-house isochrone building.

Now – using the TravelTime Isochrones API:

Maptive using the TravelTime Isochrones API

Why Maptive chose TravelTime

Maptive did an extensive benchmarking exercise of API providers.

Some of the key reasons that we came out on top were:

Features of the API

For example, being able to set different levels of detail for different use cases, and a high maximum travel time


Response times of the API, and the number of locations per request for the Distance Matrix endpoint

Contractual limits

Ability to cache the results, and to display them on any basemap


One fixed, affordable price with no variability or overage fees, covering all API endpoints 

“We had been turning down business due to the prohibitive cost of other solutions.”
Totaljobs portal using TravelTime API to display commute times.

Brad Crisp

CEO @ Maptive

They also needed a provider that could cover the immediate requirements of isochrones and geocoding, but that also had a distance matrix offering for future product roadmap plans.

Users are reliant on isochrones for the value that they get from the tool. Without a reputable solution, these customers would go elsewhere. And it helps Maptive to win new customers based on a better product offering.

Brad Crisp, CEO at Maptive, added, “We also wanted to work with a partner who is innovating in the space, and having been aware of TravelTime for a number of years we were confident that they fit this perfectly.”

TravelTime API vs. Google Maps API

Maptive had several immediate use cases for isochrones – or time catchment areas – across their customer base, including optimisation of sales representatives’ journeys to visit customers and scheduling of customer jobs, for example, for plumbing companies, delivery route planning and retail mapping.

It was essential that their chosen provider delivered isochrones.

Maptive already used the Google Maps API. But it offered no native capabilities for isochrones.

The team had created an isochrone tool using the Google API, but the current offering didn’t meet their standards.Investing more time in its improvement would have sidetracked them from their main priorities.

The other providers Maptive evaluated included:

  • HERE
  • TomTom
  • Mapbox
  • ISO4app
  • OpenRouteService
  • ArcGIS
  • Opencage geocoder
  • LocationIQ
  • Mapfit
  • Locate

On the API implementation, Brad Crisp, CEO and Maptive, says, “Everything was really well documented, and the APIs are built efficiently, so the integration process was very simple.”

The Future of Maptive and TravelTime

With the addition of TravelTimes capabilities, Maptive was able to significantly improve the quality of their drive time radiuses, while also providing the flexibility to add new features in the future based on the Travel Time Matrix endpoint.

“With TravelTime, we are able to provide better offerings to our customers, opening up new avenues of customer acquisition.”
Totaljobs portal using TravelTime API to display commute times.

Brad Crisp

CEO @ Maptive

Maptive also plans to use this new endpoint to offer more advanced tools like a Distance Matrix Calculator.

Brad Crisp, CEO at Maptive, further explains this need: “We track all requests for new features, and currently we are having to turn away business because we don’t offer this. Implementing this new feature using the TravelTime API will help us to win even more customers and support our growth plans over the longer term.”

Save on development costs, increase revenue opportunities and retain more customers with TravelTime.

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