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Totaljobs Increase Website Conversions by 10% with TravelTime Search

by Evelina Bezubec on Jun 10, 2020

Totaljobs recently launched TravelTime on their website and transformed their job search functionality. By incorporating TravelTime, Totaljobs have enabled their users to search for job openings by commute time instead of distance.

For Totaljobs, integrating TravelTime’s technology resulted in an immediate and consistent 10% upsurge in the number of job applications per visit


Who are TotalJobs?

They are one of the UK’s largest hiring platforms with 12m visits a month, 10m CVs and nearly 300,000 vacancies. They’re part of Stepstone who are one of the most successful global online job board businesses, operating 10 top brands with 72 million visits and nearly 9 million jobs per month.

Why did Totaljobs integrate TravelTime?

Most job sites only give users the option to search by distance. The problem here is that a job seeker’s access to a workplace is subject to the transport options available to them.

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This means 15 miles away could translate to a simple 20-minute drive down the motorway. Or it could involve a 50-minute slog across London using 3 tubes, 2 busses and a Boris Bike. So distance doesn’t really give a helpful reflection of a location’s accessibility.

Candidates also aren’t offered the opportunity to consider jobs that fall outside their distance limit. Their new dream job might be on the other side of London, but not know there’s a direct train that gets them there in 14 minutes.

The point is, people care about the time and not the distance. Yet they are made to search by distance and then do the maths themselves, or find another routing site to work out their potential commute, one vacancy at a time.

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How it works

TravelTime uses a lot of data including transport timetables, to enable Totaljobs’ users to search for job openings within a maximum commute time. This means job seekers can now search for “sales jobs within 45 minutes of my home postcode”, and Totaljobs will return suitable vacancies that they can reach within 45 minutes of the chosen location. Further, by using time travel data and timetables, the results show the actual commute time for each job.

After selecting a job opening, the candidate can click the “show my commute time” button to see a simple summary of the transport modes for their fastest route. This means that everything they need to make an informed decision about the vacancy is provided on-screen, they do not need to leave the TotalJobs site while job hunting. When the opportunity checks out, they simply click and apply.

TravelTime sorts tens of thousands of vacancies for Totaljobs and returns results within milliseconds. It’s as fast as the blink of an eye. And this means Totaljobs can replace distance with time to better serve jobseekers.

Improved UX

TravelTime improves the job search functionality for users, giving them more meaningful information and less reason to navigate away from the Totaljobs. This delivers a simpler search for the job seeker, and more conversions for Totaljobs. It’s that simple.

What’s more, TravelTime required minimal changes to search interface – it simply swaps miles for minutes. TravelTime is designed to make things easy for people, so it’s not really in our nature to make it complicated.

To sign up to TravelTime, click here and instantly receive your API key.


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