London Commuter Map Shows Where to Live Based on Your Work

by Louisa Bainbridge
on Feb 22, 2018

London has one of the largest transport networks in the world, using buses, tube trains, overground trains, ferries and even cable cars. Considering that the Greater London area covers 1,569 kmĀ², it needs a fast and effective transport system so the residents can get from A to B. When choosing a location to live, meet friends or work, it's important to use the transport network to your advantage. We've used the TravelTime Map App to do this easily. 


How to choose a place to live in London

Commuting is serious business and having a short and easy commute has a direct impact on happiness - take a look at this article about commuting from Time Out. To see where's best to start your property search, first enter your work location and your preferred maximum commute time, we've picked a short journey of only 30 minutes. You can also edit your transport mode of choice. You can switch to walking, cycling, driving or combining driving and train to park and ride into the city.  This then shows you a map of everywhere you can reach within your set time. 

Make your own London commuter map free here or look at these premade commuter maps here


Your commutable area changes depending on your required arrival time for work. As it uses the time of day to create the first map, the map above shows where's reachable just after 3pm on a weekday. We've switched this to arrive at 7pm to see how the commute area changes for nightshift workers. Comparing the two shapes you'll see that there are a few areas that are different. 


Helpful commuter tools

Once you have a map you can manually list the areas that you'd like to start your property search and target estate agencies in these areas or use SpareRoom. There are also a number of property sites that cuts this process down and searches by travel time directly. Take a look at Rightmove's travel time search tool. Users can enter their ideal commute time to work, school or another location and it filters down areas to search in. 


Zoopla's commute time calculator is another cool tool where you can do this. Their map feature also overlays amenities too including schools and restaurants so you can select the perfect property. 


Useful websites for commuters:



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