Make a 10 mile radius from postcode or a drive time radius

by Louisa Bainbridge
on Dec 11, 2017

Looking to find out where's nearby using distance? Creating a 10 mile radius from postcode data is easy to do. There are many tools that can do this, but we've used the TravelTime Maps too, if you'd like to use another method to draw a radius, take a look at our radius resource page. You can try it out here.

The example below shows a 10-mile radius from Durham Cathedral, UK, DH1 3EH. Just enter the postcode in the blue bar, and adjust the size of the radius using the drop down. On this app you can increase the radius up to 40 miles.

Screenshot from 2020-08-04 12-49-07

The River Wear goes through the city of Durham. This means that some places are harder to reach than others. A 10-mile radius assumes that you can travel 'as the crow flies' in any direction. This is not the case when you may need to cross a river or walk around buildings. In the example above it's harder to travel from the postcode DH1 3EH to Elvet Hill Road than Claypath, as you don't need to cross the river. 

After drawing a radius, click the pink button that says 'View reachable area by public transport'. It uses public transport timetable data to show where's reachable. Within 60 minutes you'll notice that some areas in the miles radius circle are hard to reach. It also shows that some places fall beyond the radius.  

Screenshot from 2020-08-04 12-50-58

After clicking the pink button once, it changes from public transport to driving. Click it again to compare drive times to mile radius circles. In the example below, we've shortened the drive time to 30 minutes. As expected the River Wear makes it difficult for the user to drive south within the time limit. They can get a lot further if they go north because there is a river crossing in this direction. 

Screenshot from 2020-08-04 12-52-07

Looking to make a more detailed travel time radius? Try out the travel time maps tool. It lets you choose between different transport modes and departure or arrival times. You can also add more than one shape on the same map. 




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