Kilometre radius maps

    To create a kilometre radius map, draw a straight line from a starting point and use this straight line to draw a circle. The km radius map below was made using our km radius map tool. It shows a 5km radius map from the centre of Paris.


    Creating a km radius map allows you to see locations that are reachable within 5 kilometres. What it doesn’t show them is how long it will take to reach those locations.

    Kilometre radius maps assume that we are travelling as the crow flies. But transport networks, mode of transport and the time of day can affect journey times. That’s why our kilometre radius map tool also allows you to search by travel time.

    Let’s use the same example as before - a 5km radius map from the centre of Paris. The image below shows a travel time shape (an isochrone) layered on to the kilometre radius map. The user can now see where is reachable within 30 minutes by public transport, as well as locations within 5km.


    Travel time radius maps in Europe

    As well as creating a kilometer radius map and comparing travel times, you can use our travel time map tool. This tool makes search results more relevant.

    You can make your own travel time map using driving, cycling, walking and public transport.

    Make your own travel time map

    1. Select maximum travel time
    2. Select start point
    3. Select mode of transport

    Take a look at some examples below.

    15 minutes driving from Berlin city centre


    60 minutes by public transport from the centre of Madrid


    1-hour cycling from Amsterdam city centre


    You can start making distance radius maps and compare travel times using our km radius map tool. Or, you can create travel time maps or begin coding a travel time area.


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