TravelTime & Alteryx spatial analytics macros Enrich your data with journey time insights Get started
Icon isochrones Isochrones Travel time maps to visualise reachable areas by public transport, driving & more
Icon matrices Travel Time Matrices Create matrices of travel times, distances, and public transport fares
Icon routes Routes Calculate A to B routes and get turn-by-turn direction data or display results on a map
Icon geocoder Geocoder Convert addresses into lat-long coordinates, and vice versa
Add travel time data directly into the Alteryx data visualization tool Combine the macros into a powerful workflow to automate previously time-consuming analysis tasks and visualise travel time data directly in Alteryx.
data visualisation tool data visualisation tool
Create and overlay multiple travel time shapes Generate many isochrones in just a few clicks. Display many shapes at once to see where they overlap.
data visualisation tool data visualisation tool
Calculate travel times between thousands of origins and destinations in one go Easily process large data sets by whatever method of transport you need including public transport, driving and cycling.
data visualisation tool data visualisation tool

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