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Future transport networks

A guide to using future public transport networks through the TravelTime plugin for QGIS

If you haven't already installed the TravelTime plugin for QGIS, you can get a free trial API key and download the plugin here


TravelTime support a number of 'future networks' for public transport in the UK. These include Crossrail and the Northern Line Extension, both of which are accessible through the QGIS plugin.


To access either of these networks, open up the TravelTime plugin settings and change the URL in the Customize Endpoint field:

  • Crossrail - http://crossrail.traveltimeplatform.com
  • Northern Line Extension - https://northernline.api.traveltimeapp.com

The rest of the plugin then works in exactly the same way as normal, but using a new public transport network that includes the future lines/services.

To return to the current public transport network, click the reset button.


For a short walk-through of how to use these alternative networks, please watch below:




For more information on how to use the plugin more generally, please see our documentation here.

Full documentation for the corresponding TravelTime API endpoints can be found here.