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Future transport networks

A guide to using future public transport networks through the TravelTime add-in for ArcGIS

If you haven't already installed the TravelTime add-in for Pro, you can get a free trial API key and download the extension here


TravelTime support a number of 'future networks' for public transport in the UK. These include Crossrail and the Northern Line Extension, both of which are accessible through the ArcGIS plugin.


To access either of these networks, open up the TravelTime plugin settings:


Change the URL in the Customize Endpoint field:

  • Crossrail - http://crossrail.traveltimeplatform.com
  • Northern Line Extension - https://northernline.api.traveltimeapp.com

The rest of the plugin will now work in exactly the same way as normal, but using a new public transport network that includes the future lines/services.


Remember to reset this field back to the standard transport network when you're done. To do this, simply click the reset  button.


To see the effect of switching to the Northern Line Extension network, we can use the Quick Route tool and set the origin near Kennington Park and the destination near New Covent Garden Market. The returned route takes the new Northern Line branch to Battersea Power Station underground station:



A similar effect can be seen by running the Quick Time Map tool, with the origin at Kennington Station:


The red isochrone is the area reachable using the Northern Line Extension network, while the green isochrone is the area using the standard network.


To discuss possible future additions to the transport networks that we support, please get in touch at support@traveltime.com