A Guide to TravelTime API Limits

Louisa Bainbridge


    The TravelTime API has three core functions, click on the name below to see the dedicated docs page for each endpoint.  

    • Time map: creating a travel time polygon. For example visualise 'where can I reach within 30 minutes using public transport departing my location at 9am?' 
    • Time filter: calculating a travel time from one origin to 2,000 destinations or less in a single request
    • Routing: providing A to B directional information. Turn by turn directions from an origin to destination location. 


    TravelTime API limits

    The free plan is for testing and non-commercial purposes only. If you wish to build a live application or use it for business analytics please contact us. There is a larger free testing plan available, which can be requested from us directly. For paid plans check out the pricing below. There are different plans based on usage: 

    The free trial plan gives you 10 searches per day.  Geocoding requests don't count towards your limits and you can send as many as you wish! 

    What counts as an API search?

    A single search consists of a single set of attributes. Attributes include: 

    • One set of coordinates for a point of origin. For example, the coordinates for 'The White House, Washington DC'.
    • A single departure time from a point of origin or a single arrival time at the point of origin.
    • One transportation mode, for example cycling or driving or driving+train combined or driving+ferry combined. Combining modes is not classed as two attributes because the API calculates how much area can be covered assuming the user would combine these modes together. 
    • The maximum time the user is allowed to travel, for example 'where's reachable within a 30 minute commute?'

    Any time you change a single attribute, this counts towards another search. However you can do more than one search within a single API request. If you'd prefer to combine searches in one request it's possible to calculate 10 departure searches and 10 arrival searches in a single request for Time Map and Time Filter. It's possible to request 10 routes per request. Each route counts as a search.  

    NOTE: on the free plan you will hit your minute limit if you do 10 departure searches or 10 arrival searches in a minute. 


    Here's a Time Map request including one search: 

    Here's a Time Map request including two searches (one arrival search, one departure search): 

    Here's a Time Filter request including one search: 

    Here's a Time Filter request including two searches (one arrival search, one departure search): 

    Here's a Routing request including one search: 

    Here's a Routing request including two searches:

    Get in touch 

    If you have any questions about your plan, pricing or limits please drop us a message. We can also provide technical support if you have questions about requests.  


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