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Niharika Sisodia


    Improve your site search box design by following these tips

    Mastering site search box design can improve the user experience and help you to turn site visitors into customers. Let’s take a look at some best practices for site search box designs., the hotel booking service, make sure that the search bar is the first thing that users see on the page. The yellow lining around the search box helps to highlight its location, as well as being on the brand.

    As well as the location of the hotel, includes vital filters, such as the number of people and dates of arrival and departure. This means that users do not waste time looking at hotels, which are not relevant due to availability and capacity. There are many more filters available but these are hidden at the start of the search.


    Monster, the job site, knows that most site visitors will be searching for jobs. It has made its search bar very prominent by placing it across the middle of the page.


    Monster has also offered an advanced search option, which allows users to define exactly what they are looking for and receive more accurate results. This is initially hidden so that it can return results as fast as possible if required.



    TripAdvisor, the travel site, keeps its search bar in an expected location at the top right of the page.


    However, when in use, the search bar expands out to fill allow the user to search easily. It also includes a location filter.




    Netflix, the online streaming service, knows that people want to browse and search for content. The search box is placed in the top right-hand corner, so is not immediately prominent. However, when a user starts to type, Netflix predicts what the user is searching for.


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