The top 10 office relocation blogs

by Niharika Sisodia
on Jan 8, 2019
Here are 10 blogs you must read before moving office. All of these blogs are aimed at helping businesses manage the relocation process. If you're an employee looking to learn more about relocation, check out our commute time calculator app.

1. Which tech to choose: Analysis for office relocation

 A supplier list to support your analysis for office relocation. Find tools to help you manage your office move. Get support with planning, location analysis, budgeting and staff management. 


2. Making a commute time visualization map

Make a commute time visualisation. View potential areas to work on a commute distance map. Search by travel time instead of distance.


3. How to make an office location map

How to make an office location map. Analyse potential areas for your office. Visualise office locations on a map. Plot staff addresses and analyse commute times. Choose the ideal location for your office.


4. Using geospatial technology for office relocation analysis

Geospatial technology tools to help you find potential areas for your new office. Analyse staff travel times and visualise locations on a map.


5. Office relocation proposal case study: decrease commute time for 75% of employees 

Analysing commute time data within an office relocation proposal can minimise staff turnover and cut costs. Read the case study and see how TravelTime helped Bristol & Bath Science Park.




6. Creating the right office for your company needs

How to maximise your office space to accommodate your growing workforce and successfully future proof your office. There's also a part two discussing the benefits of office relocation


7. The office relocation guide

Location analysis tools to help you find potential areas for office relocation. Analyse staff travel times and costs when moving office with this office relocation guide. 


8. The ultimate moving office checklist

A moving office checklist to guide those in charge of relocating an office. How to prevent staff turnover and manage time effectively when relocating.


9. How to make a commute time map

Design a commute time map to see where's within 15 mins+ commute time from a starting location. Find where's reachable by car, public transport, foot or bike.


10. How to minimise the guesswork when selecting commercial property locations

How to use TravelTime Analytics software to make more accurate location-based decisions. 




To create a commute time visualisation, visit the TravelTime Maps page. If you are a developer, you can create your own commute time visualisation tool by downloading an API key For more office relocation resources check out the relocation page.



Knight Frank use TravelTime to Improve Location Analysis

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The Telegraph use TravelTime to highlight access to hospitals across the UK

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TravelTime releases isochrone QGIS plugin

Create a QGIS isochrone using the TravelTime platform API. API keys are free to use for non-commercial purposes. You can also calculate a distance matrix and routing using the plugin.

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The guide to TravelTime API limits

Discover the volume of searches you can do per month and per minute on the TravelTime API free plan. You can use more than one search in an API request.

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