The top 5 location APIs

by Louisa Bainbridge
on Jan 23, 2017



TravelTime API displays local search results in travel time rather than miles radius. It means that customers can search and find their nearest store, branch or whatever they need by minutes rather than miles.
  • Search using different transport modes
  • RESTful API
  • Subsecond response time

Elastic search

Elastic search is an enterprise search tool that can crunch a significant amount of data in a short period of time. This speed means that location data can be returned at lightening fast speed. The performance and ease of use of the system means that it’s now the 2nd most popular enterprise search, second only to Solr. Although not strictly location APIs, it makes searching location far more effective. 

  • Based on Apache Lucene
  • Available through JSON & Java API
  • RESTful API

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This software enables you to map and evaluate location data quickly and effectively. The tool not only lets users makes sense of data trends on maps but lets you create fantastic looking maps too.

  • Create maps, perform queries and import data using APIs
  • Used by 100,000 people worldwide
  • Supports most data formats including CSV, KML, GeoJSON, XLS and more


Factual’s database spans 70 million points of interest, covering everything from businesses to cafes, parks, gyms and nightclubs. Their Global Places database covers 50 countries. When queries include the lat/long and country code the data is delivered back to the user even faster.

  • 1 API call required per query
  • 3 levels of API access: free unverified (100 requests)/ verified (10,000 requests) and premium (custom limits)
  • Paging limits 50 places per request and 500 rows of data per filter


Maptiks is an analytics tool that’s used to understand a map’s performance and deliver consumer insight. It can evaluate where users click on maps, understand the performance of tiles by load times and track user behaviour and conversions.

  • View heat maps of user activities
  • Dashboard view for metrics
  • Map performance monitoring tool



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