How to manage the new European Court of Justice travel time ruling

by Louisa Bainbridge
on Jan 23, 2017

Yesterday a new ruling from the European Court of Justice announced that workers who travel to and from work appointments might be entitled to a pay increase or a reduction in their overall hours.

Employees likely to be affected:

  • Care workers
  • Gas fitters
  • Sales reps
  • Cleaners
  • Contractors

The decision will hugely impact businesses reliant on a travelling workforce. The ruling has raised concerns from critics, as it may increase the requirement for employers to enforce the ‘opt out’ agreement in the workplace. How can employers avoid this without significantly increasing wage expenses?

Being commute aware

Employers need to understand the commuting routine of their employees – which requires an awareness of different locations and preferred mode of transport. Our software can crunch travel time data for numerous locations so that employers can understand how much time will be spent travelling vs. working.


Identify the best place for head office

MinuteMapr can identify the optimal locations for new central office locations. All you have to do is upload location data for employee’s home locations, and our software can pinpoint where’s the most central. It will prevent companies falling into the same issues as Tyco, a multinational fire and security company that instigated the European Court ruling. Tyco’s employees were forced to travel up to 3 hours following the closure of their regional offices in 2011.


Solve the travelling salesman problem

The travelling salesman problem is solved when the most efficient route to visit numerous places is calculated. E.g. If I need to visit clients in North, South, East and West London, but I live in Essex, what’s the best way to visit them all? This solution is no mean feat, requiring a complex algorithm to get it right. Even if it can crunch the numbers, many software providers don’t have up to date transport data to deliver accurate travel time results. If you want to see how location-based software can help you plan logistics accurately, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.




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