Proptech update: what’s the future of property tech?

by Louisa Bainbridge
on Jan 23, 2017

Where will the proptech industry go next?

Property tech that matches renters, buyers and sellers more effectively

If success is measured by turning over properties quickly, real estate technology needs to make this process as quick as possible. This opens up opportunities for tech that can:

  • Speed up the admin process by generating and sending all documents electronically. We’re wondering if it can it move mobile?
  • Appeal to the new market created with the government’s help to buy scheme
  • Find new ways of searching for properties that appeal to what the buyer really needs– finding properties with suitable schools, adding a commute time search or local services search.



Big data, big implications

The property industry can get the most out of the big data buzz in the upcoming months. We love tech that can…

  • Leverage data at every stage of the property process – from identifying the best locations to develop properties, where to market these, attracting new properties for property portals, generating leads and turning leads into sales.
  • Find ways of linking the data to inform strategies at each stage 


Internet of things

The internet of things is making it easier for us to merge our lives online with the ones in real life. Here are a few great ways to use it in property management technology…


Augmented reality

The ability to experience what the inside of a home looks like without actually being there is a great idea. These two applications are our favourites:

  • Virtual tours for those that aren’t based locally – a particularly lucrative concept when you think about the foreign investment market within London.
  • ‘Try before you book’ feature for those that want to assess the property before they book a viewing – it means that agents can focus their time on the people that know it’s a serious contender



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